December 18, 2012

Loving Cup (The Holy Grail)

Together, we strolled
A goblet's cool rim
And slipped
Into a
. .
. . .
Of revelry

May your cup runneth over with love.

December 1, 2012

Monolithic Devotion

I am rock
That never rolls
Bountiful quarry of love
Standing forever

Your graceful eye
The hammer and chisel
Of your artful soul
To carve me

Into your designs

November 30, 2012

Shades of Inner Blue


You are always invited into the haunted manor
Of my mind, these galleries are yours to explore--
Accost my corridor cobwebs, feel the phantasmal hospitality
Of my shadows, inquire upon my every ghost.

 ..........Open the doors
 ..........I trust you with the keys 

This mansion has many rooms, some of them locked
For decades, so many niches that have shied away
From the candle's prying flame, dungeons that have hidden
My most sullen arcana chained in quiescence...

 ..........Exorcise me. 

Throw open my creaking windows, air the apparitions
From this musty furniture, scrape the illusion
Of comfort from my faded wallpaper--
This house

 .......Has been waiting
 .......A lifetime

 ................      For you

 .........................       To unhaunt it.

November 15, 2012

Dodging The Downpour

Tears crash down from shaded sky
Poison from a serpent’s bite 
Soaking flesh, the soul keeps dry

What woes would make the heavens cry?
Amid jolting flash and thunderous might
Tears crash down from shaded sky

Bear the burden of grievous lie
To break the gloom with inner bright
Soaking flesh, the soul keeps dry

In heavy air, the earth does sigh
Portent of a spirit’s plight
Tears crash down from shaded sky

Against all umbra hope does fly
When dark clouds yield to Holy light
Soaking flesh, the soul keeps dry

Scatter fog with wakened eye
'Til morning casts the sun to flight
Tears crash down from shaded sky
Soaking flesh, the soul keeps dry

November 1, 2012

The Dust Parade

Potholes, bricks
Blocking the path
The dust parade moves so slowly
I almost mistake them for statues

.....Scraps of nostalgia 
.....Dilapidated furniture
.....Cherished by no one
.....Boxes of musty images
.....Vintage smiles on unknown faces 
.....Platoon of dirty cartons 
.....Infantry of broken knick-knacks
.....Piles of timeless mold spores 
.....Neatly stacked 
.....Untouched for decades

The ancient falcon
Stands guard
Over the junk
Delaying the process
The priceless collection
Of a life's journey
Filled with memories of old ghosts
No longer dwelling here
Forgotten sentiments

.........These are the halls of mildew
.........Where yesterday's rubbish
.........Waits to be discarded

By the next generation

October 31, 2012

Breaking the Fall

        September's precipice
        . Trip on time's passage
        . . Avenues become canopies weeping orange
        . . . Ripe for the autumnal harvest
        . . . . Transient chill
        Revealed enigmas
        . Another sagacious query
        . . Kindred assumption--
        . . . Is there more to life than this?
        . . . . No one truly knows
        . . . . . God's intentions
        Morose skies fill the horizon
        . Overtures to occidental oblivion
        . . Trees relinquish their possessions
        . . . Hear the forthcoming frost
        . . . . Ethereal grace abounds in brown
        . . . . . Reconciling warmth with bitter cold
        . . . . . . For a seasonal promise
        . . . . . . . Use life's cycle
        . . . . . . . . Creation, existence, destruction--
        . . . . . . . . . Kindling, wasted yesterdays
        . . . . . . . . . . Essence sleeps, until next spring
        . . . . . . . . . . . Reciprocates

October 15, 2012

Resonance of Past Promises

My thoughts had always drifted
On a tortured sparrow's wings
Set aloft a dreamless world of alabaster
I wished for just one chance
To replace fear with fantasy
And with every autumn leaf that fell
I waited for my prayers to be answered

You came to me
On a sea of butterscotch dandelions
Bearing a velvet kiss
On painted lips
And beneath your veil of violet smoke
The worn edges of my dusty faith
Burst with fresh golden springs

The world that had once been stony
Glowed in an emerald lattice of dreams
All fears spooned out
And replaced with trust
My thoughts reached as high as heaven
I found an answer to a prayer

In you

October 1, 2012


No surrender
Brought you this far
Let discipline
Guide you
Into the stratosphere
Spit out vertigo
Excellence never comes
Without a sacrifice
This pedestal
Is yours
To destroy