February 15, 2013

Scalding Purple Horizons

I've been drifting
On an ocean of melting purple
Lonely, but never left alone
Searching for a safe port
Keeping hopeful vigil at the helm
Pushed beyond despair
By the scalding waves below
Until the April wind catches my sails
And brings me

...............To you

Sail with me
On this sea of fire
We'll navigate close to shore
To keep you safe from the blaze
I feel the heartwinds raging
Carrying hot gusts up into my eyes
I would let myself be blinded
Just for the moment
To sail these flames

...............With you

Inner visions
Promise of crystal spray
To my parched skin
The thought fills my mouth
With the sweet taste of caramel clouds
My hopes lie beyond strange horizons
The heartwinds continue to rage
Charring mast and rudder
A ship floundering
Succumbing to smelting heat
The bubbles of my purple ocean
Waiting and watching

It's you


..............That sets me free

As I run my vessel ashore