March 15, 2013

Doublewide Propaganda

Lunch hour at the zoo
Blinding peppermint spotlight
The pot-stirrer perched vaingloriously
On his plastic stage
Concocting spurious monologues
In an attempt to astonish
The newly-begotten imps that only he can see
With mock prerogative and stoic determination
He spews his social treachery
And chauvinistic axioms for all to hear
In the name of helpless paper dolls

High above
Docile cirrus formations
Adorning a sky of celestial thought
An archangel descends to take up the cause
At once, we are made privy to her fragile might
Battling ignorance through parody
She uses poetry as her dagger
Grace as her shield
Truth her armor

Through the delicate porcelain fingers
Of a flaxen-haired seraph
The pot-stirrer is exposed
As the pontificating charlatan
That he is doomed to be forevermore
She is my new heroine

He is obsolete