June 30, 2016

The Littlest of Things

The anxious sun
Slips in
Through the terrace window
An incandescent nudge
Opening your somnolent eyes
I’m here to greet you
With a tender kiss
For the new day

It’s just a small matter

The midday zephyr
Wafts up a spirited hunger
Chasing us indoors
And from across the table
Of our soupy repast
I take your silky hand in mine
Tracing the silhouette of your fingers
With my thoughts

It’s only a scant gesture

The amethyst moon
Casts its frivolous shine
Upon the afghan
Of our connubial bed
I cradle you affectionately
In the lee of my arms
And the vastness
Of my heart

It’s the littlest of things

I allow
The fireflies of remembrance
To bathe my consciousness
In their delicate strobe
A constant reminder
To make the small things matter

One morning
Your eyes may not open
One afternoon
Your hand may not be there
For me to hold
One evening
Our bed may be empty
And I alone
With only memories
To keep me warm

Every passing instant
Would become self-crucifixion
For the small moments
I let elapse
Not seized
And would never have again

“I love you eternally”

Just in case
I neglected to mention it